Social Responsibility

At Cloak, we are committed to be a part of the positive change within the environmental and social wellbeing we are living and working in. We care not only about the quality of our products but also about the whole story behind its manufacturing process. We are proud that all our suppliers are certified with the international independent standards:

  • GoodWeave
  • Woolmark
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004 

GoodWeave is a global nonprofit organization with its mission to end child labor, forced labor, or bonded labor in the process of manufacturing. It has developed a special Standard to ensure the manufacturer has complete supply chain transparency which is being verified by regular, unannounced inspections of all production facilities. Adherence to the Standard is reflected by the appearance of the GoodWeave label on our rugs we sell at Cloak. It shows our clients that their purchase has been produced ethically, and that the manufacturer is committed to children’s welfare, worker’s rights, and strengthened worker communities.

(Photo by Devaiah Mallangada Kalaiah)


Woolmark Licensing is an independent product and quality certification program for textiles. The wool bearing Woolmark logo used while producing the rugs at Cloak, is recognised to be manufactured with use of quality and authentic fibre which is valuable for both wool growers and consumers.

(Photo by Leo Foureaux)

To find out more about the certification of each product, please visit its product page and look for the section Social and Environmental Compliance.

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