Introducing the Patchwork Leather Rug Collection

leather-image With roots in the Scandinavian design tradition and in collaboration with talented designers, we are pleased to offer a collection of exclusive leather rugs in the finest quality. These leather rugs are designed and crafted with great respect for the finest quality and material. The beauty of modern nordic design and traditional craftsmanship are combined in this unique collection.

leather-rugs-backing All the handmade leather rugs come with 100% suede backing without any use of plastics or other cheap materials.

leather-rugs-edge Every leather piece is carefully cut by hand and combined in perfect colors, harmony and balance. The result is a piece of individually made handicraft, unique and exceptional.

cloak-channel-grey-patchwork-leather-rug Each rug is a beautiful piece of artwork that adds personality and character to any room. Some benefits of our leather rugs are:

  • Stylish, artistic and chic. Greatly enriching the style and mood of the living space.
  • Naturally beautiful and elegant looking. The material improves with age, rather than suffering from wear and tear. The leather flooring develops a rich texture.
  • Extremely long lasting and durable. Very comfortable.
  • Low maintenance. Naturally easy to clean and maintain. A simple sweeping or vacuuming once a week is all that is needed to keep the leather floor slick and clean.
  • Hypoallergenic (causes fewer allergic reactions than other materials).
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