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From b.e architecture:

Mortgage Choice is a time-honoured brand of finance brokers with hundreds of offices across Australia. The new branch in South Yarra wanted to create a distinct identity within the larger network that would appeal to all generations.

While quite refined, the office is more like a studio with a comfortable, relaxed aesthetic.  Unique for a financial business, it has an open plan with the primary focus on two custom-made work stations designed as stand-alone furniture with steel up lights at the centre.  Where separation is necessary, steel-framed glass partitions form an executive office and casual conference rooms. The glazing is segmented with irregular banding of obscure glass, based more on a fabric design than a traditional steel window detailing, providing privacy and maintaining the open feel.

The finishes and furnishings are an eclectic mix that is less about luxury and more about creating a memorable space. Grey rendered walls, dark timber joinery and plush silk carpeting create a richly textured backdrop. The furniture, a varied collection of coloured velvet, leather, timber and blackened steel, feels as if it has been accumulated over time. Lighting is warm and dimmable with a preference towards unique accent lights to be more inviting. The choice of artwork further emphasizes the attention to detail that encourages customers to feel at ease.

A relaxed setting that relates to culture, Mortgage Choice, South Yarra is an alternative to a prescriptive corporate model; it is a financial company for today.


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